I am a designer and developer living and working in Hamburg currently finishing my BA with Klasse Digitale Grafik. I am interested in technologies Ursula K. Le Guin states that “Its technology is how a society copes with physical reality: how people get and keep and cook food, how they clothe themselves, what their power sources are”. She also claims the word “technology” to be consistently misused “to mean only the enormously complex and specialized technologies of the past few decades, supported by massive exploitation both of natural and human resources”. from A rant about technology
Referring to Jack Halberstam1, I think of the term not only describing soft-, or harware but highlighting the constructed qualities of categories like 'nature', 'sex' and 'norm'.

1Technologies of Monstrosity: Bram Stoker's Dracula in 'Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and the Technology of Monsters', Judith Halberstam, 1995
of information and knowledge (wikis, hypertext, books…) their visual appearances and materialities.

I recently published my Bachelor Thesis Compiling Edge Effects: Notes on Publishing Ecologies which resolves around ways of situated digital publishing.

Some other Web projects include The Zero and her myriad Appendages an exploration into alternative histories of computing, Wet Together an editable Hydrofeminism Manifesto Website and the Web-, and Graphic design for
Never Ready a Congress about the visuality of the Internet . In June 2022 designer, programmers, teachers, students, net-artists, early and current web users met at the University of Applied Arts in Hamburg. Meg Miller wrote a delicately detailed article about the gathering and its contents, which you can read here
The Congress was initialized by Konrad Renner and Christoph Knoth and organized by students from Klasse Digitale Grafik.
I never wanted to be a designer, always a writer is a website that corresponds with my love for books and written Text, but also questions hierarchic methods of publishing and print making in scientific and research fields.
I consider accessibility an important issue when working or walking in Walking or strolling through just as 'surfing' the internet, notices it's spacial and material qualities. But different from surfing, a notion of strolling implies a slower pace and more consciousness of its movements and environments. Instead of waiting and looking out for the next wave, going for a walk carries more agency, it's connected to no further purpose or expectations, following less linear paths. Some places I keep returning to frequently are the internet onion (archived version because it has limited life spans), &SHY, the Cyberfeminism Index and Solarprotocol. the Internet. World Wide Web Words is an approach to digital accessibility that builds worlds where endless possibilities of translation between different media and languages are accepted and common in design and media practices.
I am interested in intertextual relations within and beyond design and codes.
At the Are.na Annual release in Hamburg I gave a small lecture about Intertextual Intimacies. Browsing Ecologies pictures and explores intra-active ways of beeing online. Calling APIs here enables an understanding of server ecologies, webs and their specificly situated enviroments. An application programming interface (API) is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. It is a type of software interface, offering a service to other pieces of software2.
2Reddy, Martin (2011). API Design for C++. Elsevier Science. p. 1. ISBN 9780123850041. read on Wikipedia
During 3 snowy days in December I worked on asking for breakpoints an ultralight A very literal definition of lighweight websites are sites with a very small file size, that load quickly and don't need much energy resources. But is there also a translation of lightweight in a more feeling-based way? Using our own prompts, this is what we explored in a three-day workshop with Laurel Schwulst. website and reading on different states of matter and text.

until we entangle To tangle up; to twist or interweave in such a manner as not to be easily separated. again,