I am a graphic designer and developer living and working in Berlin. I recently graduated with a BFA from Klasse Digitale Grafik.

In Compiling Edge Effects: Notes on Publishing Ecologies I am roaming through concepts of kinship from nature culture to networked technology . Understanding publishing as practice, crucially based on relation, this text asks for the creation of situated knowledges within digital, but always material, realms. Network Matters continues some of these thoughts . in exploring materialities of networked technology but with „to network matters“ also calls for a practice of linking, entwining and connecting our active material surroundings. The website operates on three axes (x,y,z) and has a seamfull structure, leaking into the user interface. It reveals an open back, as all its contents are placed on Are.na.
Recently I have been interested in interfaces, thresholds, margins and boundary conditions . or 'edge effects': how a contigous boundary influences (two) bordering communities I collaborated with Polinsski on writing on the margins of the web, a workshop that explores materialities of digital text and its possibilities for inscription and relation. Intertextual Intimacies was a presentation I prepared for Are.na'sannual release in march 2023. As zones of encounter, margins ask for breakpoints and demand other modes of access.
With Browsing Ecologies uses API to enable an understanding of server ecologies, webs and their specificly situated enviroments. I examine how they contaminate our ways of relating to another and what we perceive as in- and outside.
I also find myself pondering around wikis, books and subversive publishing methods.
Wet Together is an editable website for Vanessa Boschs Hydrofeminism Manifesto and The Zero and her myriad Appendages traces the constitutive and infrastructuring roles of women in computing histories.
This intro, like the net it resides in, is Never Ready...

...until we entangle To tangle up; to twist or interweave in such a manner as not to be easily separated. again,